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EPA authorises proposal for diesel generators at Port Latta

​​​The Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) announced today that he has authorised Hydro Tasmania to commence its use of diesel power generators at the Port Latta Substation.

This proposal by Hydro Tasmania is for the temporary operation of 19 diesel generators at Port Latta, generating up to 20MW of electricity for transmission via the existing substation. The containerised diesel generation units and associated infrastructure would be located on land owned by TasNetworks and the electricity transmission would form an integral component of the distribution network in Tasmania due to its proximity to two major industrial users of electricity.

The proposal was referred to the EPA as a requirement under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act (1994) as the burning of greater than 1 tonne per hour of diesel fuel is defined as a Level 2 activity.

The EPA Director, Wes Ford authorised the activity to proceed under provisions of the Act designed for urgent situations such as this, explaining that the timeframe required for a full assessment process would preclude Hydro Tasmania from commencing operation in order to meet the energy demands of the Tasmanian community.

"The authorization is based on my belief that further delays in generating power would pose a greater threat to the environment and property," Mr Ford said.

"I am satisfied that the proposal contains sufficient information for me to have considered the relevant matters, and to provide an Emergency Authorization with certain conditions," he said.

"The EPA has been in constant communication with Hydro Tasmania regarding its temporary use of diesel generators as part of its State plan in response to the current energy situation," said Mr Ford.

A copy of the Authorization provided to Hydro Tasmania, which contains the EPA's conditions, along with the project proposal and supplementary documentation, are provided below:

Hydro Tasmania - Emergency Authorization - Port Latta Generators

Hydro Tasmania - Port Latta - Supplementary Generation Project Proposal

Hydro Tasmania - Port Latta - Air Quality Assessment​

Hydro Tasmania - Port Latta - Noise Assessment

Hydro Tasmania - Port Latta - Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Privacy Protected)

Hydro Tasmania - Port Latta - Emissions Mitigation Plan