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EPA issues Environmental Licence for Norfolk Bay salmon farm

​The Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Mr Wes Ford today granted an Environmental Licence to Huon Aquaculture to establish a short-term harvest facility on its marine farm lease in Norfolk Bay.

This follows the issuing of a Permit under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 on 7 August 2018 by the Secretary, DPIPWE allowing Huon to operate its lease at Green Head, Norfolk Bay until 31 December 2018.

Huon Aquaculture is also required to hold an Environmental Licence (EL) issued by the EPA Director under the Finfish Farming Environmental Regulation Act 2017 to authorise the activities within the Permit.

In his consideration of whether to grant the EL, Mr Ford required Huon to undertake an environmental baseline survey, a survey for the handfish, a noise assessment and to conduct some stakeholder engagement sessions.

Copies of the Environmental Licence and the Director's Statement of Reasons, along with Huon Aquaculture's application, survey reports and supporting information are available on the Norfolk Bay​ web page.