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EPA responds to media about Macquarie Harbour biomass debate

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has responded to media inquiries today regarding Macquarie Harbour marine farming regulation, the IMAS progress report and matters raised in the media by Huon Aquaculture.

The EPA Director, Mr Wes Ford is travelling in the north of the State today and has been in all day meetings with industry. He has not yet read Huon Aquaculture’s submission regarding the draft determinations nor a final copy of the IMAS progress report on Macquarie Harbour.

The findings of the draft IMAS report were used by the EPA Director, along with all available scientific information about the Harbour, when making his draft determinations which were proposed on 5 May. A copy of the final report will be published on the EPA website when it has been cleared by the authors.

Mr Ford requested submissions from the three companies in response to his draft determinations for the Harbour by Friday 25 May 2017.

It would not be appropriate for him to comment on the final biomass or the matters raised by Huon in the media prior to having received and considered all the submissions from the companies.

The Director intends making a final determination in the following week and will then provide a statement regarding the biomass determinations and future management of Macquarie Harbour.

*In the interests of public disclosure, the EPA makes responses to media inquiries available via the EPA website under the News section.