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EPA responds to media about reissued biomass determinations

The EPA has responded to media inquiries today, regarding the reissued biomass determination of yesterday and whether Tassal is in breach of the biomass determinations.

The EPA Director, Mr Wes Ford has stated that Tassal is not in breach of the biomass determinations.

"Given the matters raised relate to current Federal Court legal action initiated by Huon Aquaculture, it would not be appropriate for me to comment on matters that will come before the Court," said Mr Ford.

"However, I can say that I re-issued the biomass determinations to Tassal for Macquarie Harbour in order to remove any doubt as to my original intentions, which have not altered.

"That is, the peak biomass of 13 tonnes per hectare for Tassal was based on a combined total lease area of 280 hectares, which includes lease numbers 214, 219 and 266.

"I have simply amended the legal instrument issued to Tassal to better reflect the determinations.

"This position is reflected in the letters to the companies on 29 November 2016 and 5 May 2017, along with my statement of reasons.

"Detailed information on my draft and final determinations for Macquarie Harbour is publicly available on the EPA website on the Macquarie Harbour Management Determinations page‚Äč," said Mr Ford.

*In the interests of public disclosure, the EPA makes responses to media inquiries available via the EPA website under the News section.