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New 2017 Edition of Quarry Code of Practice

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has published the 3rd Edition of the Quarry Code of Practice. This replaces the 2nd Edition published in 1999, which the EPA has reviewed to reflect changes since that time.

The purpose of the Quarry Code of Practice is to document acceptable environmental guidelines for quarrying. It comprises elements to guide proposals for use and development of land for extractive purposes as well as ongoing environmental management and final rehabilitation of operating quarries.

The Quarry Code of Practice 3rd Edition, May 2017 replaces the previous 1999 edition of this Code. The 1st Edition of the Code was produced in 1994, and over the years, the Code appears to be generally well accepted by industry, government and the broader community.

The revised text in the latest edition updates all the references to legislation, agency names, terms and makes some minor clarifications and deletions. The noise section has been redrafted, with information about acceptable standards for blasting vibration and air blast. Some content related to Work, Health and Safety has been removed and readers are referred instead to Work Safe Tasmania.

Appendix 5, the ‘List of Suitable Rehabilitation Species’ has been retained because this information does not appear elsewhere on government websites – at least not in the same summarized format. It was developed for the second edition of the Code.

Mineral Resources Tasmania, the Local Government Association of Tasmania and Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia were consulted regarding the updates. The EPA would like to thank those organisations and individuals who have contributed toward this latest revision of the Code.

The Quarry Code of Practice 3rd Edition, May 2017 is available on the EPA website here