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New Regulations for managing domestic smoke sources

The new Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Smoke) Regulations 2019 took effect on 26 June 2019. They have replaced the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Distributed Atmospheric Emissions) Regulations 2018, which expired in January 2019.

The main objective of the new Smoke Regulations is to limit the smoke produced by heaters, fireplaces, outdoor cooking appliances and 'backyard burning' in and around urban areas.

The Regulations will place limitations on smoke emissions from wood-fired heating and cooking appliances, the circumstances under which backyard burning can take place and the types of material that may not be burnt.

New woodheaters for sale will also be required to conform with the most recent (2014) Australian Standards for efficiency and emissions.

​Further information about the Smoke Regulations is available on this website.

Factsh​eets for the Smoke Regulations

  Factsheet - Rules for Backyard Burning   (284Kb)

  Factsheet - Rules for Wood-Fired Heating and Cooking   (331Kb)​