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Public comment invited on new draft Regulations for Underground Petroleum Storage Systems

New Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulations 2020 have been drafted to replace the current 2010 UPSS Regulations, and they are available for public comment until Friday 15 November.

Leaking underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) can cause extensive contamination and pose a risk to human health and the environment. In some situations groundwater can be impacted to such a level that it is no longer suitable to be used.

The impact and extent of contamination and remediation costs are likely to be significantly reduced if measures proposed in the regulatory model (eg loss monitoring) are undertaken. It is always better in terms of the cost to business and the environment, to prevent pollution rather than to clean it up after it has occurred.

Over the life of the 2010 UPSS Regulations, the EPA's knowledge of underground storage systems has continued to develop.

The Regulations have been updated to reflect these improvements in knowledge and in technology, and are aimed to better protect the owners and operators of underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS), the public and the environment from the impact of fuel leaks.

The draft 2020 Regulations and a factsheet summarising the key changes are available on the DPIPWE website, along with information on how to make a submission.