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Wood heater owners urged to Burn Brighter this Winter

EPA Tasmania has commenced its winter Burn Brighter this Winter campaign and is encouraging wood heater owners to burn their fire brightly to help reduce pollution from wood heaters.

Smoke from wood heaters is a problem in Tasmania as hot wood smoke often gets trapped by cold air on still winter days and lingers around our houses and neighbourhoods. This can be a real problem for people with heart and lung diseases as the particles in the smoke can aggravate their condition.

But there is a solution. If you own a wood heater you can significantly reduce the amount of smoke your heater produces by following these simple steps:

  • Only burn dry, seasoned firewood
  • Always burn with a flame – don't let your fire smoulder
  • After reloading your wood heater, open the air control and burn the fire on high for 20 minutes, especially before going to bed
  • Make sure you have a clean flue

By following these steps, your house will be warmer as the wood will be producing heat rather than going up the flue as smoke. 

Smoke emissions from wood heaters can be reduced by up to 90 per cent if wood heaters are used correctly.

For further information please visit Burn Brighter this Winter​.

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