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Common Pollution Incidents & Complaints

​The EPA regulates major industries in Tasmania under permit conditions or Environment Protection Notices, and endeavors to ensure these activities do not cause unacceptable pollution or nuisance. This includes following up on any complaints or incidents resulting from the industrial activities or incidents that have caused, or could cause, environmental harm.

Further information on the regulation of industries can be found on the Regulation and Assessments page and details about Air, Noise, Land and Water topic areas can be found on these pages on the website.

Information about common incident 'types' that have the potential to cause environmental harm is provided below. Many of the ‘types’ of incidents are dealt with by the EPA. In this case, EPA Tasmania will be the first point of contact for a complaint or notification (call the Incident Response Hotline 1800 005 171, or email: incidentresponse@epa.tas.gov.au).

However, many environmental issues and complaints are dealt with by Local Councils​ or other government agencies.