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Notification of Pollution Incidents

​​​​​To notify the Director, EPA of a pollution incident or to lodge a complaint, call the Pollution Incidents and Complaints Hotline number:

1800 005 171

This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The notification or complaint must include:

  • your full name, address and telephone contact details
  • date, time and duration of the incident
  • the type of pollutant or a description of the incident, discharge or emission
  • location of the incident, being as specific as possible
  • the source and cause of pollution if known
  • the extent or size of the area where the pollution is visible
  • anything else that is relevant to the incident

If you are able to take any photographs of the incident, these will be useful and can be sent at a later time.

Alternatively, if the incident is not occurring now and for non-urgent complaints, you can contact us by lodging the above information by email to incidentresponse@epa.tas.gov.au.

Note that we may not be able to investigate complaints or incidents if the notification is anonymous.

Your personal information

Personal information collected from you will be used by the EPA for the purpose of verifying information relating to a pollution incident or complaint. All personal information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

Your personal information will be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected, but may be disclosed to the contractors and agents of the EPA, other law enforcement agencies, Courts and other organisations authorised to collect it.

Further action that can be taken

If a complainant is dissatisfied with the actions of the EPA or another agency in dealing with an environmental complaint, they may take the matter to the Tasmanian Ombudsman (call 1800 001 170​ or visit the Ombudsman Tasmania website).

Alternatively, a person with an interest in the impact of an environmental matter or incident may seek an order from the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal relating to the matter, under section 48 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

For further information, the complainant should contact the Tribunal (call 6165 6794​ or visit the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal website).

Additionally, the Environmental Defender’s Office may be able to assist in providing advice on action you may be able to take (6223 2770 or Environmental Defend​​er's Office website).

The Environment Protection Authority acknowledges the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania) and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.