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A new wave of information for Community Coastcare Handbook

The Community Coastcare Handbook is set to get a new lease on life as the Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania (SCAT) commences updating and improving this popular resource.

The Community Coastcare Handbook, written by esteemed Coastcarer Veronica Thorp, has been a popular and valuable resource for Coastcarers in Tasmania for nearly 10 years. However much of the information in the Handbook is now out of date. The review will bring information up to date; include new information about running community groups and managing projects; make it easier to find and use information; and reduce overlaps with the Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual.

Leah Page will be leading the review and update, as part of SCAT’s ongoing Caring for our Country project, ‘Filling the Gaps’, in partnership with NRM South. Leah previously co-authored the Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual in 2010 (also drafted by Veronica Thorp) and SCAT believes both the Handbook and the Works Manual will complement each other.

"Together these two documents can provide the information and support required to ensure Coastcare volunteers and coastal land managers can work together effectively and strategically," Leah said.

"SCAT is commencing consultation in February and aims to produce a revised text by end of June 2012 in time to launch the Handbook in December 2012. SCAT has been supporting local Coastcare groups and Coastcare volunteers in southern Tasmania since 2003. We foster a network of coastal stakeholders and support community coastal action by providing resources and opportunities for volunteers. Visit our website for more information about us www.scat.org.au

SCAT is inviting Coastcare volunteers and community groups from across Tasmania to share their stories of success, their challenges, and their photos to enrich the Handbook with local information and inspiration.

Technical experts, coastal stakeholders and land management authorities are invited to express their interest now in contributing new coastal management information, images, and case studies; and taking part in reviewing some revised sections.

Users of the Handbook are invited to tell SCAT what they do and don’t like about the current edition and what they would like to see in the revision. Input and ideas about design and content is invited via SCAT’s online survey or by getting in touch with Leah. The survey can be viewed and submitted by 20th February at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7HQHYD9 (hard copies available).

Both the current Community Coastcare Handbook and the Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual can be viewed online. Hard copies of the Community Coastcare Handbook are available on request.

Community Coastcare Handbook

Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual

For more information please contact:

Leah Page

Capacity Building Officer

Monday & Tuesday

E Leahpage@scat.org.au

P 6221 6115

M 0438 454 260