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Anti Littering Partners Putting a Lid on Rubbish

A campaign to combat littering in Tasmania is being stepped up over summer.

The second phase of the 'Look Who's Littering -on the Road' campaign is designed to further promote the Litter Hotline and the anti-littering message to road users.

The campaign will include radio and taxi back advertising as well as posters in ferry, bus and air terminals and car rental businesses.

The campaign began in January last year as a partnership between the Environment Division in the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources and the National Packaging Covenant.

It included the creation of a Litter Hotline to encourage members of the public to report littering either on-line or by phone.

Up until the beginning of October there were 1327 reports to the Litter Hotline, resulting in 548 infringement notices, 101 written warning notices and 1 Abatement Notice

The second phase of the public education campaign involves funding support from the National Packaging Covenant - a joint initiative by government and industry to reduce the effects of packaging on the environment.

National Packaging Covenant CEO, Ed Cordner, said that if people think by throwing litter out of the window it keeps the car tidy then they are completely missing the bigger picture.

"Littering has a significant impact on our environment. We are very hopeful Tasmania’s new litter laws and hotline can help change this," Mr Cordner said.

Members of the public can report a littering offence via the litter hotline number on 1300 135 513 or by visiting www.environment.tas.gov.au/litter to report littering online.