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Coastal and Marine Branch members celebrate Community Award win

Kristy Blackburn and Leah Page from the Coastal and Marine Branch in the Environment Division have had a busy weekend. The Coastcare group to which they both belong has won another prestigious award.

The Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania (SCAT) was awarded the Environment and Sustainability Award at the Community Achievement Awards ceremony held at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart on Saturday night.

Kristy and Leah accepted the trophy and cheque from sponsor Nystar in front of a packed audience of politicians, community and business leaders and other dignitaries.

SCAT took out the achievement award for their groundbreaking work to bridge the gap between Coastcare groups, government agencies and environmental organisations.

"SCAT is the first organisation of its type in Australia, bringing together 30 Coastcare groups and more than 1000 individuals," Kristy said.

"It provides support to community groups and provides them with a regional perspective for their projects."

Kristy’s and Leah’s work in the coastal and marine branch compliments their SCAT activities, mostly done in their own time as volunteers.

Late last year, SCAT won the prestigious Australian Government Coastcare Award for their efforts. During the ceremony in Canberra last October, long-term Landcare support and actor Jack Thompson lauded SCAT’s efforts.

"In southern Tasmania, a group of motivated and committed volunteers sought to create a more holistic approach to coastal management bringing all key stakeholders together," Jack said.

"It brings people together in fun and informative regional events to discuss broader issues and share ideas and achievements. Volunteers are inspired, supported and reinvigorated to go back into their local communities to carry out Coastcare projects."

Kristy says the best thing about Saturday’s Community Achievement Awards night in Hobart was sharing a table with representatives of Spring Bay Seafoods who won the Primary Industries and Agriculture Award.

"In between the formalities of the evening we discussed a Coastcare program based around their farm sites throughout Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality," Kristy said.

"The Glamorgan Spring Bay Mayor was also at the table so we have his high level support straight away as well which is great."

A Saturday night well spent by the sounds of it!

If you would like to know more about SCAT or Coastcare please visit the website at www.scat.org.au
or email Kristy at Kristy.Blackburn@environment.tas.gov.au