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Container Deposit System Study

An environmental consulting firm has been employed to study the feasibility of introducing a container deposit system in Tasmania.

The consultancy will examine container deposit systems in Australia and overseas, and assess options for a Tasmanian system.

"All of us would like to see less litter and better recovery of valuable recyclable materials," said Environment Division General Manager Warren Jones.

"South Australia has successfully operated a drink container deposit system for many years, and we want to gather the best possible information to help understand what kind of system might be best for Tasmania."

The study will also allow Tasmania to more fully contribute to a national study into container recovery options which is currently underway.

"Tasmanians want a clean and healthy environment," Mr Jones said.

"We are continuing to explore ways to address the problems of littering in our streets and roadways, and increasing the resource recovery rates for packaging materials and beverage containers."

Following an open tender process, Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd was selected to conduct the study.

The findings are expected to be released in the middle of 2009, subject to any commercial-in-confidence issues.