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Controlled Waste Workshops

The Environment Division is running a series of familiarisation workshops for controlled waste handlers during August. Controlled waste is waste that can cause environmental harm.

The first series of these workshops is targeted at controlled waste transporters and receivers. There will be separate seminars for controlled waste producers in each region in October.

The workshops cover the new responsibilities controlled waste handlers will have under the Controlled Waste Tracking Regulations scheduled to be in place by November 2006.

The workshops take the form of a powerpoint presentation on controlled waste handler’s new responsibilities under the regulations, the tracking system and how to use it. There are opportunities for questions and general discussion of the issues, and this is the most important part of the workshop.

The first workshop was well attended with lively discussion of the issues arising. The controlled waste handlers were supportive of the department's approach, and are looking forward to trialing the new tracking system as soon as possible.