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DPIPWE in car pooling website trial

A car-pooling website enabling DPIPWE, DPAC and DIER employees to coordinate and share work journeys across the state was launched today.

SmartShare is being trialled for 12 months to improve sustainable travel within the State Government vehicle fleet by reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and fleet operating costs.

The trial will also enable the Government to fully assess the potential for car-pooling across all agencies and determine the potential reduction in vehicle kilometres of a whole-of-Government car-pooling initiative.

An information session on how to use the car-pooling system will be held at the Lands Building, Level 6 Conference Room on Wednesday 10 November at 2pm.

If you want to attend, please click hereAttend SmartShare information session and enter "I would like to attend this session".

SmartShare works by matching car-poolers who are taking similar journeys on the same day. Using it is as simple as creating a profile on the website, registering a journey and, when a match is found, sharing that journey.

• First, register to use SmartShare here by creating a profile on the SmartShare website.

*Register before 3 December 2010 and go into the draw to win a double cinema pass.*

• Before you travel, register your suitable work journeys on the SmartShare website.

*Register a journey before 3 December 2010 and go into the draw to win an Annual Parks Pass.*

• If another person is travelling on the same day, the system will generate a match and contact that person with a request to car-pool with them.

• If a match is not found, your journey will stay on the system while you go ahead and book a car for your trip as usual.

• If another person enters a matching journey later on, you will receive a request to share your ride with them.

• Once a ride has been offered and accepted through the SmartShare system, you will have each other’s contact information to organise the trip details.

Use SmartShare for work travel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and share the driving on long trips to reduce driver fatigue and improve safety. It will improve the efficiency of fleet vehicle use, increase travel options for those without a licence or access to a work vehicle and enable you to make new friends and build networks.

Car-pooling has many other benefits, such as providing the convenience of a car while alleviating pollution and congestion. It also allows participants to share the driving on long trips, leading to less driver fatigue and increased safety.

It eliminates unnecessary duplication of car trips, increases travel options for those without a licence or access to a vehicle for work purposes and creates opportunities to make new friends and build networks.

SmartShare will help ease traffic congestion, reduce emissions and increase options for people without a licence or access to a work vehicle.

Transport is the second largest contributor to Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions, with cars being the largest contributor.

SmartShare is an important way in which the Government can show leadership in emissions reduction and sustainable transport.

There is more information about SmartShare:

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