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Director EPA decision on pulp mill permit variation request

The Director EPA has released his decision on a request from Gunns to vary the Bell Bay pulp mill permit.

In April this year, Gunns made a number of requests for variation of the permit.

Earlier this month, Director EPA Alex Schaap released a draft decision for public comment.

"The draft decision was provided as a basis for public comment on the proposals with a view to ensuring, as far as practicable, that all relevant issues are considered prior to the finalisation of a decision on the request from Gunns," Mr Schaap said.

The public comment period closed on 25 July 2011 and Mr Schaap said comment was received from five parties, including two organisations.

"After carefully considering them I have concluded that they do not raise any new issues warranting any change to previous stated intent," Mr Schaap said.

"I will therefore issue an Environment Protection Notice (EPN) with the effect of varying the Pulp Mill permit in the manner described in the draft decision."

Mr Schaap said the submissions did raise a range of issues which had already been considered but are addressed in the Director’s final decision which can be found on the EPA website.

Decision of the Director EPA Regarding request to vary the Gunns Pulp Mill permit