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EPA Board considers Shree Minerals proposal

A proposal to develop an open pit magnetite and hematite mine and processing plant in northwest Tasmania has been considered by the EPA Board.

The open pit would be situated near Nelson Bay River, approximately seven kilometres east of Temma.

EPA Board Chair John Ramsay says the proposal was put forward by Shree Minerals Ltd.

"In its deliberations, the Board found itself having to deal with uncertainty around some of the environmental risks associated with this project," Mr Ramsay said.

"As a result, the Board found it necessary to take a precautionary approach and require some very strict and demanding conditions to ensure the development of the information base and implementation of appropriate risk management measures to the satisfaction of the EPA Director during the course of the development."

The Board was particularly concerned to ensure that the mine did not present an unacceptable risk of acid drainage and so has imposed demanding conditions about the separation and storage of potentially acid forming waste rock.

The proponent lodged a Development Application with a supporting Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) with the Circular Head Council.

The purpose of the DPEMP is to provide a source of information upon which interested individuals, groups, government agencies and the Board may consider the environmental and planning impacts of the proposal.

The application was referred to the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (the Board) for assessment under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994(EMPCA).

The Australian Government has declared the proposal a controlled action which will require assessment and approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This process will occur separately from the State Government process.

The Board’s environmental assessment, including conditions, has been forwarded to the Circular Head Council. The Council will review the planning considerations before deciding whether to grant a permit.

More information, including the DPEMP and the assessment report, is available on the Assessment​ page.