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EPA Board considers waste cell and quarry proposals

Proposals to operate a controlled waste depot at Copping and to expand a quarry near Sheffield have been considered by the Board of Tasmania’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Board Chair John Ramsay said that both proposals could be developed and managed in an environmentally sustainable and acceptable manner.

Southern Waste Solutions submitted a proposal to build and operate a Category C Cell at the existing Copping waste depot.

Mr Ramsay said the proposed 300,000 cubic metre waste cell would receive up to 45,000 tonnes of controlled waste annually.

"The Board considered the potential for leachate management was adequate," Mr Ramsay said.

"The Board’s environmental assessment, including the conditions that must be included in the permit, have been forwarded to the Sorell Council. The Council will review the planning considerations before deciding whether to grant a permit."

Riley Quarry Products proposes to expand operations at its existing quarry at Nook, north of Sheffield, within its existing mining lease.

"The proponent has quarried the old southeast workings since 2003 and the resource in this area of the quarry is nearly exhausted," Mr Ramsay said.

"The proposal would increase the rate of extraction of quartz-conglomerate rock, used in the building and construction industry, to up to 50,000 cubic metres per year."

Mr Ramsay said the EPA gave particular consideration to environmental issues such as blasting, operational noise and flora and fauna.

"Under the proposal, it is estimated that the number of blasting events would increase from approximately four per year to a maximum of eight per year," he said.

The EPA Board’s environmental assessment, including the conditions that must be included in any permit, has been forwarded to the Kentish Council. The council will review planning issues before deciding whether a permit is to be granted.

Both decisions by the EPA Board can be viewed under Completed Assessments 2011-2012