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EPA Division bags a litter bonanza

It was gloves all round for the EPA Division litter patrol at the Hobart regatta ground this week.

Twenty-three staff rallied to the call to take part in Clean-Up Australia Day’s event for businesses.

Site supervisors Annie Beecroft and Shane Hogue said the crew collected 15 large bags of rubbish weighing a total of 88.6kg.

The equivalent of three bags contained recyclable materials weighing in at 13kg.

Annie said there was less residual litter and fewer large items compared with last year’s collection at the same venue.

"Part of the value in concentrating on a particular area on a regular basis is to build up a picture over time of the littering trends," Annie said.

"Cigarette butts remain a problem and several participants really focused on this type of ‘small but big impact’ source of litter.

"Blankets and black plastic ties were two new types of litter found at the site.

"Common litter items included packaging" cans, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and cardboard containers, plastic food wrappers and plastic bags."

The issue of discarded cable ties is being taken up with event organisers who install temporary fencing at the regatta grounds.

Cadburys and Norske Skog were among the Hobart businesses that joined the Tuesday clean up. Schools will take the lead in litter collection on Friday this week while Sunday will be devoted to the community effort.

Last weekend the Uni Dive Club tackled an accumulation of rubbish at the mouth of the Hobart Rivulet.

Divers collected 80kg of assorted rubbish in about eight metres of water and recorded the quantity and diversity of their haul.