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EPA oversees refloating of the ARTIC BEAR

The EPA Divisions’ Incident Response Officer John Dobson spent many hours ensuring environmental harm was mitigated during a recent salvage effort.

The salmon harvesting vessel ARTIC BEAR sank at Dover in March and was refloated after many hours work.

John organised for oil spill containment equipment to be on site and also provided much needed advice to the vessel’s owners.

John reported that after the ARTIC BEAR was refloated, there was little visible sheen on the water around the vessel. Fuel was then pumped out from the vessel’s fuel tanks.

Oil spill equipment on site during the refloating included a containment boom, anchor kits, weir skimmer, skimmer hoses and flexidam hose support stands.

Acting Manager Scientific and Technical Damien Norman said the EPA played a pivotal role in working with Tassal and the Salvagers to ensure that the environment was given a high priority in the operations.

"I was very pleased at the level of professionalism and cooperation demonstrated by the parties involved. In particular, the significant effort and time put in by John Dobson to support Tassal and ensure that the risk of harm was minimised," Damien said.