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Eclectic mix of rubbish netted by regatta ground litter busters

A huge assortment of discarded rubbish including an unopened bottle of red wine, a large quantity of cable ties and even some small change confronted DEPHA staff who turned out to the Regatta Ground cleanup in Hobart this week.

Decked out in raincoats and protective gloves, about 15 hardy souls took up the Derwent Estuary Program challenge to make a head start on this weekend’s Clean Up Australia Day.

Event organiser Shane Hogue was pleased with the response given the inclement weather and was buoyed by the quantity of rubbish collected on the site.

"We chose to tackle the Regatta Ground because the rubbish is quite visible in this area," said DEP Senior Stormwater Manager John Chrispijn.

"By tackling a few hotspots on the foreshore, we worked towards improving the amenities of this area, because people are more prone to litter if they see rubbish scattered nearby."

A shopping trolley found amongst the trash near the railyards proved useful in transporting overflowing bags of rubbish and recyclables to the central collection point.

In total, today's corporate clean-up collected 20 bags of rubbish and five bags full of recyclable material.

Evident in the haul were reminders of the recent regatta and last year’s Anzac Day ceremony. The most commonly littered items uncovered at the site during the clean-up included cigarette butts, confectionery wrappers, drink bottles and plastic bags.

Shane said he is keen to make the corporate clean up event an annual fixture.

Clean Up Australia Day is on this Sunday the 1st of March.

It was first held in 1990 and according to the website, Australians have devoted more than eight million hours towards the environment through Clean Up Australia Day and collected over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish.

You can find more information at: www.cleanup.org.au