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Feasibility study on Container Deposit System

A new study is about to begin into the feasibility of introducing a container deposit system (CDS) in Tasmania.

The study into a cash return scheme for cans, bottles and other packaging will be undertaken by the Environment Division of the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment.

It will look at a system such as that which exists in South Australia where in exchange for returning a used bottle or can, you get a small refund.

The investigation into CDS comes just before Tasmania's new litter laws comes into effect at the end of the year.

Western Australia is currently investigating how a container deposit system can work in tandem with their kerb-side recycling system.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and the Enviroenment Paula Wriedt says "we will look closely at this because we do not want to undermine our kerb-side system which is working well.

"However one of the problems with kerb-side is it only captures recyclables at home, and not those consumed outside of the home such the work place, sports clubs and bars."

Tasmania’s new Litter Act, which introduces substantial fines for littering offences, is set to become law by the end of the year.

The new Litter Act will apply new, more effective approaches to littering problems, including provisions to establish a public reporting hotline.

This hotline will enable people to report someone who has littered, particularly from motor vehicles.

The new Act also contains increased penalties for littering offences, ranging from infringement notice penalties for littering cigarette butts and similar items, through to ,000 court penalties for larger amounts of litter.