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Final report of NRM Review

Tasmania's Natural Resource Management (NRM) framework looks set to continue following a review of its first five years of operation.

The Final Report and Recommendations from the Review of the Tasmanian NRM Framework and Legislation were released this week.

The report follows an examination of the effectiveness of the Tasmanian framework.

There was widespread consultation on the review and the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, David Llewellyn, has accepted all 18 recommendations.

He noted the degree of support for the arrangements established under the NRM framework, including the regional NRM committees that represent local communities, business and other regional stakeholders.

The review involved extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the public in late 2007.

The public consultation revealed the NRM community desires greater integration between the work of NRM regions and local government.

But it was felt very strongly that there should not be formal linkages established between NRM and the state’s various regulatory systems.

A copy of the Final Report and Recommendations can be found on the Department of Primary Industries and Water website at www.dpiw.tas.gov.au.