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Fine for Dumping Litter

Officers in the Environment Division recently fined a man for dumping litter at the Mt Rumney Conservation Area.

Deputy General Manager of the Environment Division John Mollison said Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) officers found a heap of dumped litter at the top end of Mt Rumney and worked with staff in the Environment Division to identify the owner.

The man was issued a fine under Section 9.4 of the Litter Act 2007 for a littering offence on Crown Land.

"The Litter Act introduced in 2007 established new littering offences and stricter offence penalties," Mr Mollison said.

"This fine is a warning to all Tasmanians that dumping litter is illegal and not acceptable anywhere in the State."

"It also highlights the collaborative approach taken by agencies such as Parks and the Environment Division towards tackling the problem of litter."

Under the Litter Act, PWS officers, police and local council staff are empowered to fine littering offenders.

The items most frequently illegally dumped in bushland include general household rubbish, larger domestic items such as mattresses, furniture and whitegoods, abandoned vehicles, tyres and car parts.

The environmental impacts of illegal dumping are significant. It can degrade both land and water, including plant and animal habitats. The only way to clean up illegal dumping is to remove the rubbish and send it to landfill, which costs the community in time, money and resources lost to recycling.

Other littering offences covered by the Litter Act include littering from a motor vehicle, insecure delivery of advertising materials, bill posting without consent or escape of litter from commercial premises or building sites.

Enforcement action can only be taken in respect of littering offences if the identity of the offender can be established. In some cases this can be problematic. A littering report is an eye-witness account of the offence and forms the basis for the Environment Division to act further— to issue a written warning or an infringement notice or even prosecute the offender.

Littering offences can be reported through the completion and lodgement of an authorised online littering report at www.environment.tas.gov.au/litter or via a call to the Litter telephone hotline (call 1300 135 513).