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Fine for dumping household rubbish

A Circular Head man has been issued a Litter Infringement Notice for dumping rubbish in the West Point State Reserve in Tasmania’s north-west.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) served the Litter Infringement Notice on the man for the deposit of household litter in bushland.

Staff in the EPA Division investigated the incident after it was reported by a member of the Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Environment Protection Authority is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Litter Act.

Between January 2008 and 1 March 2011, 2433 litter reports were made to the Litter Hotline, resulting in1161 infringement notices, 116 written warnings and two abatement notices being issued.

EPA Director Alex Schaap said the EPA is also investigating reports of littering from boats off the north-west coast.

"The recent amendments to the Litter Act 2007 mean that boat owners are liable for littering from their vessels," Mr Schaap said.

"The registered number or name of the boat can be provided to the hotline in the same way as reporting littering from a motor vehicle."

"We encourage members of the public to report incidents of littering from registered recreational and commercial motor vessels to the Litter Hotline," Mr Schaap said.

Anyone witnessing littering in Tasmania can report it to the Look Who’s Littering online reporting system at www.environment.tas.gov.au/litter or phone the Litter Hotline on 1300 135 513.