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George Town air quality monitoring station

The Tasmanian Government has issued a tender to install an air quality monitoring station at George Town.

The station is a collaborative project involving a number of industries in the Bell Bay area, Government Departments and Local Government.

It has been made possible by a partnership between DTAE and Bell Bay Power, Carter Holt Harvey Panels, Comalco, the Department of Health and Human Services, TEMCO, and the George Town and West Tamar Councils.

The station is expected to cost around 000 and will house state-of-the-art equipment to monitor key air quality parameters, including nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and particles.

It will be located on the southern outskirts of George Town to understand how various sources of air pollution impact on air quality.

The two main purposes of the air monitoring station are:

  • to understand air quality and the contribution from all sources including domestic, industrial, transport, agricultural and natural sources; and

  • to better inform the community about air quality in the region.

  • The air monitoring data will be compared with the national standards and results will be issued on a bi-monthly basis.

    The air monitoring station is expected to be up and running in November 2006.