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Have a dry day tomorrow

DTAE staff are encouraged to participate in the 40 Hour Drought challenge by registering on the website and using only 40 litres of water for 40 hours. The average person uses well over 200 litres a day so reducing to just 40 is quite a feat.

"The 40-hour drought event provides an ideal opportunity for staff in the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment to directly experience what many people go through daily in coping with limited water supplies", says John Mollison, Deputy General Manager, Environment Division.

"It prompts us to think critically about how much water we use and how we can act to prevent wastage. Something we each need to consider if as a community, we are to live more sustainably."

The Challenge runs from 7.00am tomorrow until 11pm Thursday.

For many people, living with a small amount of water is an every day reality. ABC Local Radio has launched a nationwide community event to encourage people to experience what it's like to live with very little water.

There are many things you can do both at home and at work to help reduce your water consumption -

• Fit a flow regulator to the kitchen tap to reduce the water flow to 9 litres per minute or less.
• Install water efficient taps, shower-heads or tap aerators.
• Wash fruit and vegies in a half-filled sink instead of under running water.
• Use a shower timer.
• Set your washing machine to match your actual load size.
• Keep all your kitchen scraps, lawn clippings and garden waste - they're perfect for homemade compost, which your soil will love.

By spending more time thinking about our water usage, we can better understand the value of water and some of the problems facing those who are living with a serious lack of water.

To take part:

1. Register to be part of the 40 Hour Drought (http://www.abc.net.au/water/40hourdrought/)
2. Download the Water challenge chart in PDF format so you can keep track during the 40 hours.
3. Look at the Tips for Saving Water on the website for more ideas on what you can do.

Website: http://www.abc.net.au/water/stories/s1864974.htm