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Help celebrate National Recycling Week 2007

National Recycling Week is almost here and you can help celebrate by creating a 'junk' mandala at TMAG.

The general public, school groups and teachers are invited to this special event at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery on Friday 16th November between 12.30 and 2pm.

A mandala is Hindu in origin and is used as a focus for meditation. Buddhist mandalas represent the universe as a whole, with complex detail meticulously applied to slowly build the mandala from the centre outwards.

Tibetan monks create sand mandalas and traditional mandalas take 7 to 10 days to construct.

"The aim of this lunchtime session is to encourage people of all ages to think about what they can create out of unwanted items or recyclable materials," says Rowena Zwart from the Environment Division.

"Materials will be supplied and the mandalas created during the session will be photographed, as they are not meant to be permanent," she says.

The 'create your own mandala' session is part of a range of activities being organised for National Recycling Week 2007.

National Recycling Week is on from November 12 - 18 and was established by Planet Ark in 1995 to raise awareness about recycling, how we recycle and the benefits from reducing our waste to landfill.

Keep an eye out on the intranet for more National Recycling Week activities and information over the coming weeks.