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Improved Management of Noise in Tasmania

New laws supporting the improved management of noise in Tasmania have been approved by State Parliament.

General Manager for the Environment Division, Warren Jones, said the Environment Protection Policy (Noise) provides a high-level framework for managing noise.

"Noise is a serious problem for many people in our community," Mr Jones said.

"It’s important that we have contemporary legislation that allows us to consider noise management at a local government planning level as well as in day to day regulation," he said.

There is no national regulatory framework for noise control and the responsibility falls on individual states and territories to develop standards and regulations where appropriate.

The Environment Protection Policy (Noise) establishes a set of environmental values that are to be protected, including the health and wellbeing of the community and individuals, and the opportunity for people to live without unreasonable interference from noise.

"It will help guide the land use planning processes of Councils and the State Government and set a framework for regulating industrial, commercial and domestic activities to protect these values", said Mr Jones.

The Policy requires a transport noise strategy to be developed, to help reduce noise impacts associated with transport infrastructure, such as roads and railways. This strategy is now being developed.

New regulations are also being developed to further the objectives of the Policy and help protect the community from the impact of noise from chainsaws, vehicle security alarms, intruder alarm systems, amplified music, musical instruments and motor vehicles in residential areas.

Mr Jones praised the work of Environment Division staff in developing the policy such as Phil Roberts, Bill Wilson, Derek Walter and Steve Howett.

Copies of the Policy are available at: www.environment.tas.gov.au/what'snew