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Insight into managing Montara oilfield leak

EPA Division marine pollution officer Letitia Lamb will outline her experiences in helping to manage the response to last year’s  devastating Montara oilfield leak at a presentation on 2 February.

As part of a national response to the crisis in the Timor Sea, Letitia had two stints with the operations team in the Darwin command centre.

Letitia’s insightful talk will centre on the logistics of the operation and will highlight the many issues that confronted the team.

She will also touch on the lessons learned from the disaster and how they can be applied to other incidents, including demobilisation and debriefing.

Montara’s West Atlas rig, 200km off the West Australian coast, ruptured on August 21 sending a huge slick into the Timor Sea. The well was plugged in early November.

Letitia has been with the EPA Division for less than 12 months but she is no newcomer to oil spills. She worked with a team from Queensland Parks to assist the wildlife cleanup after the Iron Barren grounding in the Tamar River.

Letitia said the Montara incident was a major event and the response was demanding and complicated due to the distance offshore and the length of the response.

The presentation will be held in the Lands Building Level 6 conference room at 11.30am on Tuesday 2 February. It will be of interest across the agency, and all are welcome to attend.