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International Coastal Clean Up Day

Marine debris is the focus of this Saturday's International Coastal Clean Up Day and your help can make a difference.

Marine debris kills wildlife, is a threat to the local environment, not to mention being an eyesore.

Fifty nine per cent of all marine debris is from land-based shoreline and recreational activities, with an additional 29 per cent from purely smoking related activities. The remaining items are a mix from oceanic activities, medical or hygiene materials or the result of dumping.

These statistics show that marine debris is ultimately a man made problem. The real solution is prevention, and that takes responsible behaviour.

New litter laws to be introduced into Tasmania in 2006 have been strengthened to facilitate effective enforcement and to encourage Tasmanians to be responsible for the litter they make by disposing of it appropriately.

Whilst the new laws aim to reduce in the long term the amount of man-made litter that makes its way into our estuarine and marine environments there is still need for clean up campaigns.

So on Saturday September 16, along with a friend, grab a bag, and head for your local beach, don gloves and pick up litter for an hour or so as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day.