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Life beyond desktop for old electronic items

Your old computer deserves better than being cast aside into landfill.

It may have died or maybe you’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest, but spare a thought for the old workhorse that has served you so well.

The hard disk and screen are not necessarily junk. In most cases e-waste can have another life.

Many items contain quite valuable materials so here are some options to help you reuse and recycle.

At the Jackson St tip-shop in Glenorchy (Recovery Tas) you can drop off any electronic/electrical waste for free. It will be sorted, repaired, tested and if possible made available for re-sale. If it cannot be re-sold, every effort will be made to recycle the parts. This e-waste facility was constructed as a joint project between Recovery Tas, the State Government and Glenorchy City Council.

At present McRobies tip-shop in South Hobart will only accept working electrical items. There is no charge as these items will be made available for re-sale. Hobart City Council is planning to construct a dedicated e-waste facility similar to that operating in Glenorchy.

At the moment, services for the north and north-west include:

- Mooreville Rd tip, Burnie – has an e-waste bin (stockpiling)

- Remount Rd tip, Launceston – has an e-waste skip (taken for recycling by CMA)

- White Hills Waste Transfer Station, Smithton – has an e-waste skip (taken for reuse by scrap metal companies primarily)

- Lobster Creek Rd Tip Shop, Ulverstone – will take old functional electronic items for resale.

Most places charge a small fee (except the tipshop). Otherwise, ring your local Council for the latest on their e-waste services.

Always remember, if you are dropping off computers, make sure you have already cleared any files from the system.

So do your old electronic items (and your blossoming environmental conscience) a favour, and send them to another life at either of these tip-shops.