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Minor spill at Hobart docks expected to evaporate quickly

An investigation has begun into a minor diesel this morning at Victoria Dock.

The spill was noticed by a member of the public who contacted Hobart Ports who referred the matter to the Environment Division.

Incident Response John Dobson arrived at Davey Street around half past eleven to find a rainbow coloured sheen across a small area of Victoria Dock.

He supervised as Hobart Ports brought in a boat to "prop wash" the diesel away from the area.

By running the outboard motor, the diesel is dispersed more quickly.

John also took a sample from the water which will be taken back to the lab for further analysis.

However he says it is hard to say who or what caused the spill as there are a large number of boats in the port today.

"When you have a major incident, the oil or diesel in the water is quite dense and needs to be cleaned up using booms," John says.

"In comparision, when I arrived at the dock this morning, the diesel was sitting as a sheen on the top of the water"

"People are advised that the rainbow coloured sheen will be visible across the water in Victoria Dock for at least 24 hours before it evaporates and a strong smell of diesel will also remain for some time," John says.