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Mustering more mobiles

To date the Environment Division has collected 106 mobile phones from the Service Tasmania shop in Hobart, and about 10 from the Launceston shop, since the launch of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association scheme at the end of March.

Tasmanians are handing in their old mobile phones for recycling.

If any other Divisions of DTAE wish to collect mobile phones for recycling within their office, contact Maree Bakker at Maree.Bakker@environment.tas.gov.au.

Recycling tubes are available free of charge and the phones are also couriered free of charge to Melbourne where the phones are sent for recycling.

MobileMuster is a great opportunity to get rid of them with the knowledge that 90 per cent of the materials can be recovered.

As well as the gold, silver and copper being reused, the plastic can be recycled into fence posts and pallets. Recycling phones also ensures that the hazardous components of cadmium and lead are retrieved rather than landfilled where they may contribute to the hazardous effects of metal leachate.