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NELMS transferred into the DTAE network

NELMS (New Environmental Licensing and Monitoring System) is up and running.

It is the central database for legal documents (eg Permits) and accounting information relating to the Environment Division's 500-plus industrial and municipal clients and their activities, which range from mines and abattoirs to landfills and windfarms.

The database has been a long time in the making and has now been transitioned into the DTAE network which means faster access and improved support.

There is a short cut link on the intranet page for Environment staff and the DTAE IM team are also ensuring the correct version of Java on PCs in the Environment Division. You can also access the database right now by pointing your browser at http://nelms.environment.tas.gov.au.

IM are also in the process of further developing the NELMS database so that it can be used for issuing Environment Protection Notices which are the key legal instrument used by the Division to regulate environmentally relevant activities under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.