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New EPA website

The EPA has a new online presence. Content and information previously found on the old Environment and old EPA websites are now combined on the new EPA website.

If you haven’t seen it, go t epa.tas.gov.au (you may have to press f5 on your keyboard to refresh).

Deputy General Manager of the EPA Division John Mollison said the new website has been more than a year in development.

"The building and structure of the new website has been a tremendous effort, involving the transfer of content from the old site plus the creation of new pages," John said.

"Thanks must go to website redevelopment project manager Simon Alcorn for bringing it all together. Staff in the EPA Division should also be acknowledged for all their work in reviewing information from each section and updating it for the new site."

The end result is a new website designed to be much more user-friendly and easier to navigate than its predecessors.