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New air monitoring station for George Town

State-of-the-art equipment has been incorporated in a new air monitoring station officially opened at George Town today.

The station will measure air quality in the George Town-Bell Bay area as well as provide information on air quality factors including domestic wood heaters, local industries and planned burning programs.

DTAE’s Environment Division will manage the operation of the station and the processing and publishing of the collected data.

The State Government has collaborated with three major industries - Rio Tinto Aluminium, TEMCO and Bell Bay Power - and the George Town and West Tamar councils to establish the facility.

Opening the station, the Minister for Tourism, Arts and the Environment, Paula Wriedt, said it is an important tool to better manage air quality. She said iIt will also provide regular feedback to the local community about the quality of air in their town.

The George Town-Bell Bay area is a key industrial district in the state and the station will continuously measure several air pollutants such as particulates and nitrogen and sulphur oxides.

As well as monitoring baseline air quality, it will provide information to help develop airshed management programs.

It will also monitor weather variables such as air temperature, wind speed and wind direction.