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New booklet highlights energy saving tips

Tasmanians can now cut their home energy bills by up to five per cent and at the same time reduce their impact on the environment.

It’s all due to a new home energy booklet launched last week.

This publication is a "must have" for the energy conscious as it helps people assess their homes for total consumption by providing easy ways to find out how much energy is used every day.

Many Tasmanian homes are energy inefficient with most losing heat due to poorly insulated doors and windows but the booklet arms Tasmanians with many simple strategies to conserve energy.

Turning off appliances that have a standby mode can reduce our energy bills by up to 12 percent.

Doing simple things like changing light globes to low wattage globes, sealing up draughts around doors and windows, and using pelmets can dramatically reduce energy bills.

Using sensor lights outside rather than leaving outdoor lights on all night, and installing an AAA rated shower head will save hot water.

The booklet serves as a guide to show how to assess homes and make simple changes that will save money on their energy bills.

Examples provided in the guide include checking draughts around doors and windows, checking whether there is insulation in your ceiling, insulating around hot water cylinders and exposed pipes, installing pelmets on curtain rails, turning off electrical appliances and checking your meter box to see if there is any energy ‘leaking’ from appliances on stand-by.

The booklet is available for download from the Sustainable Living Tasmania website www.sustainablelivingtasmania.org.au.