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New waste strategy marks World Environment Day

​On World Environment Day a Hobart nursery is leading the way in reducing waste and showing Tasmanians how they can do the same.

The Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Michelle O’Byrne, has praised New Town Station Nursery, through its EnviroWise Garden Centre, for blazing an environmentally conscious trail for Hobart’s gardeners.

"The New Town Station Nursery shows through pot sterilisation and recycling systems what is possible in waste reduction as a business and is passing that knowledge on to its customers," Ms O’Byrne said. "This initiative is one of a number that have been supported through the Government’s CleanBiz program"

Many of the practices at the Nursery are also objectives of the new Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy, launched by the Minister as part of World Environment Day celebrations.

The Strategy will help coordinate waste reduction and recycling at a state-wide, regional and local level.

It complements work already underway towards a national waste policy and critical national issues such as product stewardship to manage end-of-life computers, televisions and tyres.

"The Strategy will deliver improved waste reduction and recycling for all Tasmanians," Ms O’Byrne said.

The Strategy has several objectives including:

• Improved partnerships, coordination and planning;
• Waste avoidance and sustainable consumption;
• Waste minimisation and resource recovery;
• Improved regulation and management of residual wastes;
• Improved data collection and management systems; and
• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ms O’Byrne said a Waste Advisory Committee will be established as part of efforts to improve partnerships, coordination and planning.

"The Waste Advisory Committee will oversee and guide the implementation of the Strategy and to strengthen links between all levels of government, regional authorities, business and the community."

The Waste Advisory Committee will be established under the Environment Protection Authority.

Some of the main roles of the Waste Advisory Committee will be to:

• Provide recommendations on suitable funding mechanisms with which to effectively deliver the strategic actions and achieve the objectives Strategy, and for all stakeholder groups;
• Provide recommendations on priority areas in waste and resource management; and
• Provide recommendations for a coordinated approach and systems for data collection and management, setting targets, measuring performance and public reporting.

Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy