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Offender Fined for Rubbish Dumping in Bay of Fires Conservation Area

A Hobart man has been fined by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for dumping rubbish in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area at Binalong Bay.

Used building materials and discarded equipment, including bins, tins and machinery were found in the otherwise pristine bushland setting in the State’s picturesque North East last July.

A joint investigation was subsequently conducted by officers from the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) and the EPA, resulting in the identification of the offender.

The EPA served a Litter Infringement Notice on the person for the offence of ‘depositing litter more than 55 litres in volume in a public place and not in a receptacle’ under the Litter Act 2007.

PWS ranger in charge, Mr Lionel Poole said there was no excuse for rubbishing natural areas.

"It’s antisocial behavior that is not acceptable," he said.

"It ruins the natural environment and the experience for other people visiting the area, not to mention the negative image of our State it leaves with tourists," said Mr Poole.

EPA Director, Mr Wes Ford said that the EPA was working increasingly with other Government agencies to deploy surveillance cameras in known litter hotspots such as bushland settings.

"A number of offenders have been fined over recent years for the illegal disposal of household rubbish in bushland areas on Crown Land – in Forestry areas and popular inland fishing spots," he said.

"The successful apprehension of these offenders has been the result of joint investigations and surveillance by the Government agencies concerned," said Mr Ford.