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Public asked to help keep track of shopping trolleys

The first nationwide system to round up wayward shopping trolleys has been launched in Tasmania.

Called Trolley Tracker, the system enlists the support of the public to report abandoned Woolworths and Big W trolleys.

It's hoped this innovative scheme will help cut down on the problem of lost and damaged trolleys.

Although shoppers are always encouraged to return trolleys to supermarkets, too many end up far from stores, abandoned or damaged and away from regular trolley collection routes.

The Trolley Tracker system will complement the introduction of the new litter legislation in Tasmania later this year.

Woolworths Hobart Area Manager Nicky Hume says each year 15,000 Woolworths and Big W trolleys around the nation are replaced because they are stolen, damaged or beyond repair.

"The information about stray trolleys reported by the public will be passed directly to local trolley collection teams who will retrieve trolleys and return them to relevant stores."

"The Trolley Tracker scheme is a concerted effort that asks shoppers, the community and local councils to work together to keep trolleys in stores and stop them from adversely affecting the local environment," she says.

Trolley Tracker Manager Chris Ford said it is his experience that most people share the concern about lost trolleys blighting an area and are only too willing to work with Woolworths to bring them back home.

Members of the public can call Trolley Tracker on a 24 hour FreeCall number – 1800 641497 – if they have information on any abandoned trolleys.