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Recycled Plastics

Where do all my recycled milk bottles go?

Ever wondered where those recycled plastics you carefully rinse, sort and put out each week end up?

Well, quite a few are starting to reappear around Tasmania as recycled plastic furniture, bins and jetty beams.

For example, take a drive up the central north coast and you might see some recycled plastic road-side posts or seats and tables; a look down at the Dover jetty and you will see new recycled plastic beams; take note when having a rest near Glenorchy Council or Risdon Vale neighbourhood centre as the seats may be your old bottles in a new shape, and even some schools have started using the materials. Mt Wellington now has signs and hand rails made from old plastics as well.

The items are 100%% recycled plastic, last forever, and best of all, you don’t need to get out there and oil or paint them every summer!

If you need more information, contact Rowena Zwart (6233 6176) or Rowena.Zwart@environment.tas.gov.au.