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Savage River on the mend

The remediation of the Savage River iron ore mine has reached a major milestone, further reducing the effects of acid drainage from past mining operations.

A .2 million project will divert water from the North Dump site into a central treatment pit.

The project, coupled with remediation of the mine’s B Dump complex and neutralisation work, will reduce toxic metals in the Savage River by at least 65 per cent over the next three years.

Mine operators Australian Bulk Minerals (ABM) and the Environment Division of the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment has developed a strategy for long-term rehabilitation totalling more than million to remediate the effects of past mining operations.

When complete, this project will lead to the restoration of significant Tasmanian river systems - the Savage and the Pieman rivers.

The diversion drain is due to be completed later this year and will reduce pollution to the Savage River by an estimated 15 to 20 per cent.

The piping for the pit was manufactured in Wynyard by MES Pty Ltd at a cost of approximately , 000.

The million remediation of the B Dump complex - the major pollution source on the site - will be completed next financial year.

The remediation project has been funded by the State Government securing .4 million from the previous mine owner and .6 million from ABM’s purchase price.