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Save your Christmas Cards and old Calendars for reuse in the New Year

Don’t throw out your Christmas cards and 2012 calendars – they are needed by the EPA Division for schools-based craft projects.

With the festive season already upon us, it is a timely reminder to store all your cards and calendars.

Maree Bakker from the EPA Division works with school children, educating them about waste minimisation.

To complement her lessons, Maree uses Christmas cards to make gift boxes and transforms old calendars into gift bags.

"The children I work with are often shocked at how much waste we generate as a society, but providing them with a hands-on activity gives them some empowerment," Maree said.

"It’s all in the name of ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle!"

Please bring your old cards and calendars to work in the New Year and leave them with Maree on the Sixth floor of the Lands Building in Hobart.

Alternatively, you can mail them to Maree in internal mail addressed t

Maree Bakker, EPA Division, Lands Building

Merry Christmas!