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Schools Clean Up Australia Day

A small but enthusiastic contingent from Environment Division’s Sustainability Programs Section ‘got down and dirty’ last Friday March to help two schools in the northern suburbs with their Clean Up Australia Day events.

At Brent Street Primary two classes picked up litter from their school grounds. The students then assembled in the school hall where the litter items were heaped in a pile to highlight the amount of litter collected. The different types of litter were identified and sorted by category.

The students were asked:
• Which were the most common litter items and why?
• Was the littering only done by students?
• In what ways could the littering be reduced?

Then it was back to the classroom to investigate these questions and to share findings with their classmates and the wider school community.

A section of the Derwent River foreshore is also cleaner thanks to Environment Division staff joining forces with Grade 7 and 10 students from Rosetta High School and members of the Montrose community.

The students’ diligence was impressive and the amount of rubbish collected clearly demonstrated their enjoyment of the ‘hands-on’ environmental activity. The number of cigarette butts and the various types of plastic items collected showed clearly the impacts of how litter travels and how it persists in the environment.

On the matter of cigarette butt litter: For several weeks leading up to the National Day of Action – Cigarette Butt Litter (Tuesday March 27), one model of the many personal ashtrays on the market will be displayed and available free for smokers at the Reception Desk of the Lands Building foyer. Feedback on this type of personal ashtray is welcomed by the Litter Program Co-ordinator, Annie Beecroft.