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Submissions Called for Water Quality Review

Public submissions are being sought for a review of the State Policy on Water Quality Management in Tasmania.

The State Policy on Water Quality Management 1997 is the main statutory instrument for managing environmental water quality in Tasmania and this is the first comprehensive review of the existing policy.

The policy sets a framework for improving how water quality is monitored, measured and reported.

The aim of the extensive review is to determine if the policy remains a contemporary and effective tool for fostering water quality management in Tasmania.

The policy applies to ambient water quality and does not cover water quantity and allocations, or management of drinking water quality from the point of collection to the consumer.

As part of the review process, a discussion paper is being released for public comment, providing background information, elaborating the key issues identified in the course of the policy’s operation since 1997 and options for the policy’s future.

One of the issues canvassed in the discussion paper is whether changes are necessary to bring the policy into line with recent national and local developments in water quality management.

Another option for discussion is whether the policy should be converted from a State Policy to another type of statutory instrument.

Anyone who is interested in, or has experience with, the operation of the State Policy on Water Quality Management 1997 can obtain a copy of the discussion paper and consider making a submission.

The discussion paper can be downloaded from the Environment Division’s website www.environment.tas.gov.au, or a hard copy can be obtained by contacting the Environment Division on 6233 4028.

The period for public submissions will end on 15 December 2008.