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Sustainable Programs Site at the Home Expo a great success

Cowboy boots, the Challenge and children’s craft from litter attracted a steady stream of visitors to the Sustainable Programs Site at the Home Expo held at the City Hall last weekend.

A pair of boot-scooting cowboy boots, an array of clogs and a pair of spivvy snakeskin shoes frequently prompted the question – what’s with the shoes ? The prompt reply – "they represent our ecological footprint – the impact of our lifestyle on the environment, and with the Up2Me Challenge, there’s practical tips on how at home you can save $ and at the same time lessen your impacts on the environment." As a result, and with the combined efforts of Sustainable Living Tasmania, over the two days 102 people signed up for the Up2Me Challenge.

The games and activities proved popular with both children and parents alike and were a fun way to talk about sustainable living. Showing children that you can make interesting toys from materials usually seen as rubbish was but one enjoyable aspect, the other was seeing parents spending time with their children making the toys.

Musical shakers using metals bottle tops, windmills made from plastic cordial bottles and gift bags folded from out of date calendars were some of the activities enjoyed. Eco-twister provided fun and laughter for both players and on-lookers.

Last but not least, the litterbugs, constructed by students from Brent Street Primary, received many admiring comments for their creativity and cuteness and also drew public attention to the display about the new litter laws coming soon.