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Take up the challenge for the environment

The challenge is on to reduce home energy and water consumption, cut down on car use and minimise waste.

The Environment Challenge was launched earlier this year and aims to enhance Tasmania’s quality of life by showing people simple ways how they can help protect the environment.

It is based on a program developed by environmentalist David Suzuki in which a website-based program identifies simple goals and targets that can be introduced into everyday life.

Check out the Environment Challenge website at:

Joining the challenge is not difficult. A commitment to just two targets is all that’s required.

And if you think you already have adopted the principles of the Challenge, go the next step and become a Challenge Champion. A word of advice - make sure you have checked all three tiers of How Can I Do This for your two actions, as Really Getting Somewhere involves some pretty big lifestyle changes!

If you are still unconvinced, read the case studies of those who are already involved.

The Environment Challenge is part of the Living Environment Program – the biggest package of urban environment initiatives ever released in Tasmania.

The State Government has allocated .6 million over three years focussed on achieving environmental improvement in urban areas where the majority of Tasmanians live and work.