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Tasmania joins oil spill response training in the far west

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) ran an inaugural Training Coordinators Workshop for National Plan training in Fremantle late last month.

Marine Pollution Officer in the EPA Division Letitia Lamb and EPA Division Business Manager Leanne Brown represented Tasmania at the five day course.

Letitia says the training co-ordinators workshop was a chance to gain an appreciation of the overall national oil spill response training plan.

"This was the first opportunity to come together as a group, share ideas and training plans, in an effort to learn about the individual nature of each state’s training needs," Letitia said.

"It was also a chance to help each other solve training issues and share ideas. Two representatives from New Zealand attended and we were able to learn more about the New Zealand set up which proved very useful."

The week long course was organised by AMSA. Each state and the Commonwealth have responsibilities regarding Oil Spill Response preparedness, and each run training courses.

AMSA said the objectives of the workshop were to show and tell how each jurisdiction managed National Plan Training; develop a National Resource for different statutory authorities and combat agencies that took responsibility for pollution events in each State and Territory and; promote competency based training and assessment.

"AMSA is taking the lead at introducing this and as a group we also went through some of the units required for a Certificate IV in training, as well as discussion on units developed by AMSA for competency based training in Oil Spill Response," Letitia said.

AMSA says after the workshop, States and Territories should have the appropriate skills to utilise resource and introduce competency based training in their state for operational level training.

"Later in the year Leanne and I will work together to develop Tasmania’s Finance and Administration training for Oil Spill Response. As the EPA is the lead agency in an oil response, it is vital our finance and administration personnel are aware of the procedures and structure of emergency response and are able to lead the agency through the paper work trail required in such an event," Letitia said.